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Ryan Labs Asset Management Inc. offers actively managed fixed and floating-rate income vehicles to institutional investors. Ryan Labs has $9.4 billion* in assets under management including $2.2 billion incorporating ESG type mandates. From its inception in 1989, Ryan Labs’ philosophy and structure has been in place to add value through issue selection and sector rotation, minimizing interest rate risk by adhering to a duration neutral posture, while working towards reducing downside risk. We believe in actively managing portfolios to seek relative value. We look for risk that is fundamentally or technically mispriced in order to find investment opportunities. Avoiding the downside is critical to outperformance, and we are willing to underweight any sector. Our firm’s investment philosophy and decision-making process is rooted in responsible investing practices and we continue to bring a wealth of experience to build long-term sustainable strategies to better serve our clients.

In 2015, Ryan Labs was acquired by Sun Life Financial. As part of the Sun Life group of companies, Ryan Labs and its employees actively participate in programs and initiatives established to promote health and diversity in the enterprise.

In 2018, Ryan Labs became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, with a commitment to applying the Principles consistent with its fiduciary duty to its clients. Becoming a signatory of the international United Nations-supported PRI network further underscores Ryan Labs’ commitment to sustainable and responsible investing. As a signatory to the Principles, Ryan Labs reports on its ESG activities and goals annually using the expansive framework developed by the UNPRI and participates in annual voting in furtherance of the organization’s charge as a global advocate for responsible investment.

Consideration of ESG factors is and has always been fundamental to our credit risk analysis process as a means of identifying names carrying real and potential risk. Ryan Labs reviews ESG factors of all corporate issuers, including as related to corporate actions, and conducts a wholesale review of the total portfolio, on an individual issuer and overall basis, at least annually. Such review encompasses issuers’ commitments to the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants. Additionally, Ryan Labs attends industry conferences and engages with issuers through quarterly earnings calls and on an ad hoc basis.

*As of March 31, 2019



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