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Ryan Labs Asset Management Hires Chris Adair to Lead Overlay Marketing Efforts


In welcoming back Chris Adair, Ryan Labs set to leverage Sun Life Investment Management's $40 billion overlay desk


NEW YORK, NY (August 10, 2015) – Ryan Labs Asset Management is pleased to welcome Chris Adair to the Marketing Department. Chris is returning to Ryan Labs as Senior Vice President – Applied Strategy and Overlay. In this new role, Adair will communicate Ryan Labs capabilities in providing customized comprehensive portfolio solutions, including traditional fixed income and derivative overlay solutions. These solutions will enhance Ryan Lab’s capabilities to implement a variety of strategies for clients and plan sponsors, including traditional fixed income allocations, de-risking glide paths, pension settlements and terminations, and portfolio interest rate hedging.


Initially, the buildout will focus on LDI completion hedging and both passive and active duration overlay. The entire product offering will include a broad range of overlay solutions expanding to synthetic beta exposures across all assets, rebalancing, cash equitization, and currency overlay. These new overlay capabilities will be built in partnership with Sun Life Investment Management, which currently manages over $40B in derivative overlays.


Sean McShea, President of Ryan Labs said, “We are thrilled to have Chris back on the team. With the timing of the Sun Life Financial acquisition and our effort to build out the overlay business, he is the perfect person to communicate and service these strategies to the plan sponsor and consultant community.” McShea added, “Chris is a proven investment professional who understands the institutional objectives of clients in pensions, endowments and insurance.” Ryan Labs will combine their track record in the investment grade fixed income and high yield space with our newly acquired capabilities in overlays and derivatives for hedging, market beta and alpha generation.


Brett Pacific, Senior Managing Director who oversees derivative strategies for Sun Life Investment Management, sees this as a unique opportunity. “We are excited to work with Chris to help bring the flexibility of overlay strategies to client portfolios. This capability will help address market volatility with customized solutions that enhance risk return profiles.”


Chris Adair’s tenure with Ryan Labs begins immediately.


 About Ryan Labs Asset Management

Ryan Labs Asset Management specializes in managing fixed income portfolios for institutional clients. Its platform includes liability driven investing strategies managed versus a Custom Liability Index® and total return strategies managed against traditional fixed income benchmarks. In 1991, Ryan Labs became the first asset manager to create and manage a bond portfolio versus a daily Custom Liability Index® consistent with FAS 158 accounting standards.


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About Sun Life Investment Management

Sun Life Investment Management is the corporate brand name for an institutional investment management arm of Sun Life Financial that includes the investment operations of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada that manages assets for its affiliated insurance companies, as well as Sun Life Investment Management Inc.


Sun Life Investment Management Inc. provides investment solutions for defined benefit pension plans and other institutional investors in Canada, specializing in private asset class funds and liability driven investment strategies. It is registered with the Canadian securities commissions and regulatory authorities as a Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer. 


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