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Ryan Labs Asset Management is pleased to present the following sessions:


LDI: The Spectrum of Solutions

LDI solutions run the spectrum of fixed income strategies – from duration targeting with mutual funds, and physical bonds in separate accounts to overlay strategies with derivatives, and defensive risk premia solutions. LDI vehicles have evolved over the last decade. Simultaneously, benchmark options to track the success of an LDI strategy have progressed. This session focuses on understanding the full suite of LDI solutions, how to identify what solution is most appropriate for your plan, and how to choose the benchmark that is best suited to accomplish your glidepath goals.



  Chris Adair
Senior Vice President - Applied Strategy and Overlay
Ryan Labs Asset Management



Is LDI Right for You? Learn how MAHLE Inc. Applied a Custom LDI Strategy

Each plan sponsor has its own process in assessing whether or not LDI is for them. Once the decision is made to move into a liability driven strategy, plan sponsors and their investment team then have to identify the most appropriate way to implement their solution. Join us as we review a case study in why MAHLE Inc. chose to implement LDI and the decision making process utilized to select their customized LDI strategy.



  Bradley D. Jacob
Director of Marketing
and Client Services
Ryan Labs Asset Management

  Ralf Ruediger Roske,
Senior Director Finance/Treasury
MAHLE Industries Group


Panel Discussion
Governance Considerations for Implementing and Managing an LDI Strategy

The successful implementation and management of an LDI strategy requires a cohesive plan and buy-in from all stakeholders and committee members. The plan must combine thoroughness and clarity with flexibility to enable the plan sponsor to respond to changes in the economic environment and other material changes. The governance of an investment strategy must provide a holistic view and periodic reviews of the plan in light of current circumstances such as plan funding ratio, interest rates or the regulatory environment. Considerations for governing an LDI strategy include:


  • Portfolio transition at time of the decision to terminate
  • Identifying return seeking vs. interest hedging assets
  • Plan sponsor governance that provides diligent oversight and management
  • Understanding how return objectives and risk tolerance change with funded ratio and other factors
  • Liability settlements as an alternate form of liability hedging
  • Committee communication


  Gordon J. Latter
Executive Vice President Institutional Marketing
Ryan Labs Asset Management

  Michael Bazdarich, PhD,
Product Specialist/Economist
Western Asset Management Company


  Jodan Ledford,
Head of U.S. Solutions
Legal & General Investment Management of America

  Christopher Rowlins,
Managing Partnet and Senior Consultant
Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC (FIA)

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