Ryan Labs Asset Management Inc. offers actively managed fixed income vehicles for institutional investors.

Ryan Labs Asset Management Inc. offers actively managed fixed income separate account vehicles and mutual funds to institutional investors. Our diversified, disciplined, and structured investment process is employed versus popular market indexes as well as custom liability indexes.

Ryan Labs employs a disciplined investment process that seeks to add value through issue selection and sector rotation, not through interest rate anticipation. All of our strategies are actively managed in a total return framework. In 1991, Ryan Labs became the first asset manager to create a daily custom liability index, the Ryan Labs Custom Liability Index ™, and manage a bond portfolio against it. In 2015, Ryan Labs was acquired by Sun Life Financial.

Our strategies include Liability Driven Investing (LDI) strategies managed versus a custom liability index, as well as total return market strategies managed against traditional fixed income benchmarks. Ryan Labs manages the following fixed income strategies:


Market Benchmark Strategies Liability Driven Strategies
  • Short Duration
  • Short Duration Gov/Credit
  • Limited Duration Credit
  • Intermediate Gov/Credit
  • Government/Credit
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Long Government
  • Long Gov/Credit
  • Long Credit
  • Inflation Index (TIPS)
  • High Yield
  • LDI Short Duration
  • LDI Intermediate Duration
  • LDI Core Duration
  • LDI Long Duration
  • LDI Extended Duration
  • Inflation Index Intermediate (Custom TIPS)







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