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Eva joined as a quantitative analyst in the Marketing Division of Ryan Labs in 2007. Eva’s responsibilities have since expanded. She leads all in-house quantitative analysis.

As the Head of Asset/Liability studies, Eva’s focus is on modeling, yield curve stress testing, break even analysis, performance attribution and funding volatility.

Her work in Alternative Investment utilizes multi-asset classes to formulate bespoke trading strategies strongly based on Risk Parity philosophy as well as momentum trades. Eva evaluates third party platforms to see if they are compatible to Ryan Labs approach.

On the Overlay Product, Ms. Zhou simulates derivative strategies, evaluates risk/reward characteristics and generates an array of attribution reports designed to help clients increase return within similar risk parameters (or to reduce risk with similar returns).

Eva is a 2007 graduate of Baruch College. She earned a Baccalaureate of Business Administration degree from the Zicklin School of Business.



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