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Ryan Labs endowment and foundation strategies are designed to assist in achieving an Endowment or Foundation’s goals related to their mission, growth objectives, liquidity, preservation, investment policy constraints, and total return.


Our philosophy


Mission Driven – Understanding the specific goals and spending needs of the portfolio is key to achieving success in an E&F framework.


Growth and liquidity – Balancing growth and liquidity in relation to the mission of the Endowment or Foundation can be difficult, especially after the movement of interest rates stemming back to the early 1980s. While there are opportunities in the fixed income market for growth, liquidity to achieve spending goals is also a necessary focus for part of the fixed income pool. 


Purchasing power preservation – Inflation is a risk that looms in the background of E&F’s. The role of inflation protected securities should be considered to hedge a potential rise in inflation. Ryan Labs can assist in modeling the impact that an allocation to TIPS may have on the overall portfolio. 


Socially Responsible Investing – Many Endowments & Foundations work to balance the aforementioned return and liquidity goals with Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). At Ryan Labs, we manage separate accounts that can prohibit non-SRI bonds from the portfolio.


Fixed income as an alpha generator – Opportunistic strategies within fixed income may also be considered as an additional fixed income strategy. While the primary focus on fixed income relates back to E&F’s mission, high yield and/or unconstrained strategies may act as a diversifying factor in an effort to achieve return objectives. 


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