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  1. Introducing our new division


We are pleased to announce the addition of the Leveraged Finance Group, marking another milestone for our firm. This new division of Ryan Labs Asset Management brings expertise in managing senior loan portfolios, and third-party managed collateralized loan obligation (CLO) investments. Media Advisory



Meet the Group


Mark Pelletier, Senior Managing Director - Head of the Leveraged Finance Group leads this accomplished team. The Group has an 11-year history of successfully working together, and an exceptional record of managing senior loans, with a long-term loan default rate that has outperformed that of the senior loan market.



Mark Pelletier, CFA


Senior Managing Director


Mark grew the American Capital Leveraged Finance Management (ACLFM) business from a start-up phase to over $7.4B in AUM and oversaw the ACLFM business unit across nine actively managed CLO funds, a third-party managed CLO equity investment effort, a corporate account loan mandate (SMA) and a publicly traded closed-end business development company.







Michael Cerullo,


Managing Director


Michael oversaw ACLFM's corporate credit investment committee process and the overall platform’s credit exposure; and as such, he was instrumental in the portfolio construction and asset selection process. He has extensive sector coverage experience including Media, Telecom, Technology, Chemicals, Automotive, Industrials, and Gaming/Leisure. Michael has over 29 years of professional experience.






Dana Dratch, CFA


Managing Director


Previously, Dana was employed at American Capital where he was lead portfolio manager for six of the firm’s CLOs and jointly managed American Capital’s corporate loan investment mandate. Additionally, Dana oversaw American Capital’s secondary trading activity and primary market efforts with sell-side capital markets desks. He has prior sector coverage across many industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Utilities and Retail. Dana has over 22 years of professional experience.






Christian Toro, CFA, CPA


Managing Director


Christian oversaw ACLFM’s third-party managed CLO investment effort and the overall platform’s fund structuring. Christian was the lead CLO portfolio manager for two publicly traded business development companies and a private CLO equity fund. He has sector coverage experience in Metals and Mining, Retail and Consumer Products. Christian has over 20 years of professional experience.






Juan Estela,


Managing Director


Juan Miguel was lead portfolio manager for three of American Capital’s CLOs and American Capital Senior Floating, Ltd., a publicly traded business development company (BDC) that invested in senior loans and CLO equity tranches, and jointly managed American Capital’s corporate loan investment mandate. Additionally, Juan Miguel has extensive sector coverage experience in Defense/Aerospace, Paper and Packaging, Real Estate, and Business services. Juan Miguel has over 16 years of professional experience.



Depth of experience


  • Experienced Group: 23 years average industry experience, working together for over 11 years; strong industry knowledge and relationships.


  • Established track record: Proven investment process resulting in a history of strong risk-adjusted returns; performance driven by a disciplined credit culture and a systematic investment process.


  • Cross asset class exposure: Extensive experience investing in loans, high yield bonds and CLOs, and managing capital across multiple cycles; uniquely positioned to identify and take advantage of market opportunities.



Solutions that meet the evolving needs of institutional investors


  • Senior loans that are non-investment grade corporate bank loans, typically set to a floating rate based on the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR); the lending of money to below investment grade companies.


  • Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) that are privately placed securities backed by a professionally managed and actively traded pool of senior loans, diversified by debtor and industry, that either carry ratings that range from high-rated AAA through to B or are non-rated subordinated notes or equity.




  • Floating rate nature of these investments is attractive in a rising-rate environment.


  • Senior loans and CLO strategies can help diversify the fixed income portion of an investor’s portfolio.



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