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Ryan Labs manages total return fixed income strategies against Barclays and Merrill Lynch indexes across the duration spectrum. From short duration and intermediate to core fixed income and long credit — Ryan Labs has a traditional fixed income solution to meet an institutional investor’s fixed income goals.

Ryan Labs seeks to add value through issue selection and sector rotation only. We do not anticipate the direction of interest rates. Therefore, all of our portfolios are duration neutral versus their benchmark within a band of plus/minus .5 years.

We start with a top-down approach by analyzing the economics of the market and the impact of macroeconomic factors on various fixed income sectors. We then apply a rigorous bottom-up approach to the underlying fundamentals of the individual issues. Utilizing technical and fundamental research, Ryan Labs seeks to construct portfolios with the goal of outperforming our benchmark in all market environments.

Our qualitative approach includes a thorough fundamental credit analysis. The analysis is focused on avoiding large drawdowns on specific issuers when spreads are tight and creating a strong fundamental basis for adding new names when markets are less liquid and technical considerations create opportunities.


  • Short Duration
  • Short Duration Gov/Credit
  • Limited Duration Credit
  • Intermediate Gov/Credit
  • Government/Credit
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Long Government
  • Long Gov/Credit
  • Long Credit
  • Inflation Index (TIPS)
  • High Yield



Ryan Labs provides fixed income solutions to meet your objectives, including market enhanced and customized solutions.


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